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Rappahannock Area Crisis Intervention Team

What is CIT?
  • The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is a collaboration of local professionals (Mental Health Providers, Law Enforcement, and family members) committed to enhancing services to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. CIT keeps individuals out of the criminal justice system and gets them into appropriate treatment.
What is CIT Training?
  • The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training is a 40-hour, 5-day curriculum approved by the Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS). 
  • It trains officers to effectively deal with individuals dealing with a mental health crisis.  
  • CIT is made up of classroom instruction and practical exercises delivered by Mental Health Professionals, other subject matter experts and CIT trained local Law Enforcement Instructors.
Why should I participate in the CIT training?
  • Law enforcement are the first responders to most individuals dealing with a psychiatric crisis.  
  • CIT training provides officers with the tools to professionally and humanely interact with persons with mental illness.
How does my Agency benefit from CIT training?
  • CIT Training equips participants with the skills necessary to appropriately respond to psychiatric crises. These situations may be high risk and may escalate into a use of force incident. The CIT training provides participants with skills that can minimize risk to responding officers and the person in crisis and may prevent the need to use force.
What will I gain from CIT training?
  • Participants learn communication skills that can assist in effectively interfacing with persons in psychiatric crises. These skills can minimize the use of force in many instances, thus protecting both the officers involved and the person in crisis. Although the use of force may ultimately be necessary in some situations, we know from experience that the de-escalation skills learned in CIT training often reduce the level of needed force. Also these communication skills can be an invaluable tool to officers in their regular duties.
CIT in the Community
  • CIT reduces officer time spent in the emergency room
  • CIT increases public safety by getting officers back on the streets faster
  • CIT reduces incarceration of individuals with mental illness and gets individuals into treatment - saving tax payer money!